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  • Koenig Lake-Koenig Lake with upper Koenig Lake on the right

    Koenig Lake with upper Koenig Lake on the right

  • Koenig Lake-Small Golden landed and released from lower Koenig Lake.

    Small Golden landed and released from lower Koenig Lake.

  • Koenig Lake-Latopie Lake (fishless)

    Latopie Lake (fishless)

  • Koenig Lake-Latopie Lake (fishless)

    Latopie Lake (fishless)

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Map of Koenig Lake in Mono County
Elevation Profile 1:
Elevation Profile of Koenig Lake hike
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Koenig Lake - (Mono County)

Pre 2010

Getting There

Koenig Lake can be reached from the Leavitt Lake trailhead accessible from Highway 108 between Sardine Meadow and Leavitt Falls. The trail to Leavitt Lake is actually a four-wheel drive road requiring some good vehicle clearance. We hiked the road as we did not have a vehicle that could make this trek. The road is can be hard to find if you do not know what you are looking for. So, look for a sharp right turn that has a dirt road starting off to the left. Or, you know, use your GPS.

The Hike

The hike is very moderate without any significant altitude gain until you reach Leavitt Lake itself. From Leavitt Lake, take the trail that leads to the right and over a small hill to drop down into the Koenig Lake area. It is a short and easy hike. Probably a good place to take the family.

The Fishing

The fishing at Koenig Lake can be tricky as the fish prefer the middle section of the lake and even a very good fly angler may have trouble reaching the fish with their longest cast. I chose to wade into the lake, which was probably the coldest water I have waded into without waders.

I started using a Henry's Fork Grasshoppers and trouble hooking up due to missed strikes. Eventually, I switched over to a red Bird's Nest and managed to hook up with some small Golden X Rainbow hybrids.

There are plenty of good places to camp around Koenig Lake, so take your pick. It is important to note that Upper Koenig Lake, the larger of the two, is fishless so don't waste any time there looking for fish. Also, Latopie Lake at the top of the drainage is also thought to be fishless not only due to Fish and Wildlife records but from my own attempts and records. If you want to hook into big fish, head over to Leavitt Lake. If you want to find some small Golden Trout, give Ski Lake a try as it is a short walk away from Leavitt Lake.

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