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Box Lake, Little Lakes Valley
Heart Lake
John Muir Wilderness
Heart Lake, Little Lakes Valley

July 3rd, 2017

The fishing was slow for me at Heart Lake during the day as I tried a variety of lures and flies at the inlet on the southeast side. Although I saw many anglers fishing the lake during the day, I didn't see anyone catching fish. I threw out Kastmasters and Panther Martins...

Rock Creek Lake
Inyo County
Rock Creek Lake, Inyo County

July 2nd, 2017

The fishing at Rock Creek Lake was outstanding for hatchery Rainbows ranging from 12-20 inches with some very large fish reported from time to time. Rock Creek Lake is planted almost every week during the summer so there is no shortage of fish. I witnessed several anglers walking ...

Granite Lake
Desolation Wilderness
Granite Lake, Desolation Wilderness

June 16, 2017

When I reached the lake I wanted to get away from the north side of the lake where the trail meets the water. People tend to flock to a few spots on the north side directly after arriving at the lake. I decided to head around the east side of the lake, through trees and over deadfall...

Indian Creek Res
Alpine County
Indian Creek Reservoir

June 10, 2017

We arrived at Indian Creek Reservoir in the early afternoon on a very windy day. We had the kids and my 93 year old grandfather with us on this outing. When we got down to the water near the dam, the wind was howling hard and there were even white caps on the water...

Sailor Lake
Sailor Lake
Inyo County
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fishing Sailor Lake-elevation
The fishing is excellent for small Brook Trout and a few Kamloops Rainbows mixed in. You can back-cast from any...
Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake
ElDorado County
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fishing Eagle Lake-elevation
Eagle Lake has some properties that hamper fishing like brush around the shores' edge and steep cliff walls on the...
Dorothy Lake
Dorothy Lake
Alpine County
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fishing Dorothy Lake
I have visited Dorothy Lake on numerous occasions to see if DFW has planted any fish in this tiny lake. In the past...
Crag Lake
Crag Lake
ElDorado County
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fishing Crag Lake-elevation
Crag Lake contains Rainbows, Brookies, and Brown trout. Most of the fish you will see will be in the 12-13 inch range...

Burnside Lake
Burnside Lake
Alpine County
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fishing Burnside Lake-elevation
The fishing is excellent here for good sized rainbows and they're really not that hard to catch. This is a drive-to...
Towser Lake
Towser Lake
Mono County
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fishing Towser Lake-elevation
Towser Lake is a perfect vantage point for both Stealhead Lake or Cascade lake and is a healthy and plentiful fishery...
Moonlight Lake
Moonlight Lake
Inyo County
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fishing Moonlight Lake-elevation
The fishing at Moonlight Lake is fast action angling for small but very colorful Brook Trout. Every cast produced a fish.
Diamond Mesa
Diamond Mesa
Sequoia Nat Park
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fishing Diamond Mesa-elevation
We made camp on our second night at the lake which sits at the top of Shepherds Pass. A snow bank feeds the southwest...

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