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Bullpen Lake, Nevada County
Emerald Lakes
John Muir Wilderness
Emerald Lakes - John Muir Wilderness

August 2, 2014

The High Sierra fishing is good at the Emerald Lakes for small Kamploops Rainbows and Eastern Brook Trout. Upon arrival you will likely notice fish activity in the water so locating fish is no problem. They are everywhere. We fished the lower of the Emeralds and found excellent action using dry flies while sight casting to small trout. The lower lakes are...

Shamrock Lake
Hoover Wilderness
Shamrock Lake - Hoover Wilderness


Shamrock Lake produces steady action for small, pan-sized Brookies. They can be selective sometimes but a small hares ear or pheasant tail should bring in a few. Most of the time we spent at Shamrock was spent sight casting to visible fish, which were everywhere. I used black and brown ants as well as some birds nests on our outing. We watched the Brookies...

Cliff Lake
Desolation Wilderness
Cliff Lake - Desolation Wilderness

June, 1999

Cliff Lake is listed as a Brook Trout water in northeastern Desolation Wilderness. It is a very small lake and relatively easy to access. We visited Cliff Lake during ice-out and it was one of the coolest sights I have ever seen. The shore on the north side consisted of half-frozen slush that was a neon aqua blue. The lake seemed very small but it was hard to...

EF Carson River
Mokulumne Wilderness
EF Carson River- Alpine County

October 29, 2016

The High Sierra fishing on the East Fork Carson River was excellent this October when I took my family trout fishing. Everyone caught fish including a 3 1/2 pounder landed by my 92 year old grandfather. We drifted salmon eggs with a couple of split shot which put us into a lot of fish. Most were hatchery catchables but a couple were over two pounds. I tried...

Sailor Lake
Sailor Lake
Inyo County
fishing Sailor Lake-pdf
fishing Sailor Lake-link
fishing Sailor Lake-icon
fishing Sailor Lake-elevation
The fishing is excellent for small Brook Trout and a few Kamloops Rainbows mixed in. You can back-cast from any...
Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake
El Dorado County
fishing Eagle Lake-pdf
fishing Eagle Lake-link
fishing Eagle Lake-icon
fishing Eagle Lake-elevation
Eagle Lake has some properties that hamper fishing like brush around the shores' edge and steep cliff walls on the...
Dorothy Lake
Dorothy Lake
Alpine County
fishing Dorothy Lake-pdf
fishing Dorothy Lake-link
fishing Dorothy Lake-icon
fishing Dorothy Lake
I have visited Dorothy Lake on numerous occasions to see if DFW has planted any fish in this tiny lake. In the past...
Crag Lake
Crag Lake
El Dorado County
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fishing Crag Lake-link
fishing Crag Lake-icon
fishing Crag Lake-elevation
Crag Lake contains Rainbows, Brookies, and Brown trout. Most of the fish you will see will be in the 12-13 inch range...

Burnside Lake
Burnside Lake
Alpine County
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fishing Burnside Lake-elevation
The fishing is excellent here for good sized rainbows and they're really not that hard to catch. This is a drive-to...
Towser Lake
Towser Lake
Mono County
fishing Towser Lake-pdf
fishing Towser Lake-link
fishing Towser Lake-icon
fishing Towser Lake-elevation
Towser Lake is a perfect vantage point for both Stealhead Lake or Cascade lake and is a healthy and plentiful fishery...
Moonlight Lake
Moonlight Lake
Inyo County
fishing Moonlight Lake-pdf
fishing Moonlight Lake-link
fishing Moonlight Lake-icon
fishing Moonlight Lake-elevation
The fishing at Moonlight Lake is fast action angling for small but very colorful Brook Trout. Every cast produced a fish.
Diamond Mesa
Diamond Mesa
Sequoia Nat Park
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fishing Diamond Mesa-link
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fishing Diamond Mesa-elevation
We made camp on our second night at the lake which sits at the top of Shepherds Pass. A snow bank feeds the southwest...

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