Half Moon Lake, Desolation Wilderness
EF Carson River
Mokulumne Wilderness
EF Carson River- Alpine County

July 22, 2016

The High Sierra fishing was outstanding on this outing to the East Fork Carson River this July.

Half Moon Lake
Desolation Wilderness
Half Moon Lake, Desolation Wilderness

July 14, 2016

The fishing was excellent for Brook Trout at Half Moon Lake in Desolation Wilderness.

Lower Velma Lake
Desolation Wilderness
Lower Velma Lake, Desolation Wilderness

June 25, 2016

High Sierra fishing for Brookies and Rainbows was excellent at Lower Velma Lake this year in Desolation Wilderness.

WF Carson River
Alpine County
West Fork Carson River

June 4, 2014

The fish were wary on The West Fork on this outing. We found one small native fish in a run near Woodford's...

Saddlebag Lake-6
Saddlebag Lake
Mono County
fishing Saddlebag Lake-pdf
fishing Saddlebag Lake-link
fishing Saddlebag Lake-icon
fishing Saddlebag Lake-elevation
Fishing Saddlebag Lake is always good for planted Rainbow Trout. The fishing is good all around the lake...
Wasco Lake-6
Wasco Lake
Mono County
fishing Wasco Lake-pdf
fishing Wasco Lake-link
fishing Wasco Lake-icon
fishing Wasco Lake-elevation
The Brook Trout fishing was good at Wasco Lake. We released all fish at Wasco Lake which is small and easy to fish.
Cascade Lake
Mono County
fishing Cascade Lake-pdf
fishing Cascade Lake-link
fishing Cascade Lake-icon
fishing Cascade Lake
I found good fishing at Cascade Lake for Brook Trout in the 9-10 inch range. I fished mostly near the outlet...
Greenstone Lakes-6
Greenstone Lakes
Mono County
fishing Greenstone Lakes-pdf
fishing Greenstone Lakes-link
fishing Greenstone Lakes-icon
fishing Greenstone Lakes-elevation
The fishing at Greenstone Lake was slow but produced a couple small Brook Trout for us. I think there may be...

Tenaya Lake-6
Tenaya Lake
Yosemite Nat. Park
fishing Tenaya Lake-pdf
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fishing Tenaya Lake-icon
fishing Tenaya Lake-elevation
Fishing Tenaya Lake was great, despite the crowds, for nice-sized Rainbows and Brookies. One of the better fisheries.
Loch Leven Lake-6
Loch Leven Lake
Inyo County
fishing Loch Leven Lake-pdf
fishing Loch Leven Lake-link
fishing Loch Leven Lake-icon
fishing Loch Leven Lake-elevation
We landed countless small Brook Trout near the outlet and missed out on any of the Rainbows that are planted here...
Piute Lake-6
Piute Lake
Inyo County
fishing Piute Lake-pdf
fishing Piute Lake-link
fishing Piute Lake-icon
fishing Piute Lake-elevation
The fishing was great for Brookies averaging 10 inches. We caught fish at every place we fished near the west end.
Tomahawk Lake-6
Tomahawk Lake
Fresno County
fishing Tomahawk Lake-pdf
fishing Tomahawk Lake-link
fishing Tomahawk Lake-icon
fishing Tomahawk Lake-elevation
We had to work hard, during a rainstorm, to pull in one Brook Trout but it was 13 inches long. Bigger fish lurking...

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